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“Building Social Capitol”

Cathy Ficker-Terrill


September 25, 2008


This training was broadcasted from Chemeketa Community College to multiple sites throughout Oregon


Free - approved for Foster Care Training Credits


This presentation taught how to network and get involved in our communities.  To learn different ways to help people “give back” to their communities.  Such as, helped with a church bake sale, volunteer to help with a scout trip, etc.  Cathy is dedicated to the full participation of all people with developmental disabilities in a quality life by providing leadership that supports the accomplishments of individuals, strengthens families and inspires community involvement.  What it takes for an organization to move from a sheltered style setting to an inclusive one.


Agenda Cathy


Speaker Bio

Cathy Ficker-Terrill has been a professional in the field of disabilities for 28 years and is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ray Graham Association for Individuals with Disabilities. She has a Masters Degree in Disability Policy. She was elected to the Board of Mental Disability Rights International in June 2004.  Visit her website at:  Ray Graham.org


Cathy Ficker-Terrill Bio

Building Social Capitol Exercise

Building Social Capitol PPT



“Building Social Capitol”  Part 1  by Cathy Ficker-Terrill

“Building Social Capitol”  Part 2  by Cathy Ficker-Terril

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